Congratulations to the winners of the KINDer Christmas Card Contest!
Your designs truly warms our hearts and kicks off this kinder Christmas season!
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Our Collective Impact
Being kinder together, we achieve more
Fight malnutrition
Our feeding and nutrition projects make school children grow smart and healthy
Develop nation-builders
Together, we provide access to training programs to empower more Filipinos
Care for planet and people
Our environmental projects do not only grow trees to protect the environment, but also add income to our farmers
Spark behavior change
By supporting social causes and following the lives of those we help, we become a little bit kinder everday
Save our sea creatures
Our generosity help grow pawikans and other sea creatures, helping maintain a vibrant ecosystem
Learn more about what we are doing together
Maribeth L. Marasigan
Aboitiz Foundation Chief Operating Officer
We in the Aboitiz Group have always been wanting to inspire a collective action for social progress. KINDer brings this to life while allowing people to pursue their personal advocacies.
Amy Chua
KINDer Team
From the planning to the developing KINDer, we always kept in mind that each of us lives out a certain purpose and desires to be somebody to someone. It makes our heart full knowing that this site brings out the goodness in people.
Marxist Astudillo
It has always been my hope to help other people in my own little ways. I am happy to come across this website where I can reach out to those in need in my capacity
I like this site! It reminds us that all of us can be kinder. Here, I can help people in just a few clicks!
Your kindness is powerful

KINDer transforms us into agents of change for society by simply supporting causes that are close to our hearts.