Kinder - About Us

A tree is known by its fruit, a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.
- Saint Basil

Kindness is a feeling and a personal decision to reach out and give back. The more we feel connected to a cause, the more we are willing to dedic our resources and time to witness lives uplifted as the campaign succeeds.
Your kindness is boundless. As your Netflix for advocacies, an online crowd-sourcing platform of various advocacies in the Philippines, KINDer offers limitless ways of doing good. It connects us to inspiring stories behind the social causes and makes us part of collective efforts that change lives positively.
Your kindness is powerful. KINDer shows us the rippling impact led by our desire to help. It transforms us into agents of change for society by simply supporting social causes that are close to our hearts.
Each of the campaigns on KINDer has been well-thought of to ensure that our concerted efforts will impact the lives of our partners and/or the communities that we assist. This impact and the support of every Filipino made more caring by KINDer
We continuously update our list to include a variety of causes, allowing you to find the cause that will perfectly match your personal advocacies.
To celebrate its 30th birthday (September 1988), the Aboitiz Foundation brings to life a platform that allows everyone to be part of various social cause campaigns, sharing opportunities to help create a kinder world in just a few clicks.
Knowing that kindness is personal and that everyone can a little bit kinder every day, the Aboitiz Foundation capitalizes on the power of every person to help advance business and communities.
As the corporate foundation of the Aboitiz Group, the Foundation is able to leverage every donation to empower communities and promote meaningful social progress. This means every peso you donate through KINDer counts.
KINDer provides the opportunity for everyone to be part of collective efforts that uplift lives. Even a single peso donated to the KINDer causes is leveraged to achieve greater scale and a more lasting impact.
With more people helping us create shared value through KINDer, we envision more students served with nutritious meals through the feeding programs, more trees planted and wastes managed to prevent flooding and co-create a cleaner planet, students assisted towards reaching their full potential, and a lot more kindness acts that advance communities.
Your kindness is powerful

KINDer transforms us into agents of change for society by simply supporting causes that are close to our hearts.