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Welcome to KINDer! By visiting our site, we are grateful that your heart is open to be a little bit #KinderEveryday!

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Please be guided by the following terms that we will use throughout this section:
  • Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) - a non profit, non-governmental organization;
  • KINDer campaigns - These are the projects featured on KINDer. They are spearheaded and implemented by either companies or Civil Society Organizations (CSOs);
There may be some changes on our terms of use as we go along, but rest assured, we will continue to update this page as may be necessary. Contact Us page so we can stay in touch.
On this page, you will know the answers to the following questions
  1. How do I donate?
  2. What are the fees and charges for?
  3. How do I claim tax incentives?
  4. How do I get updates on the projects?
  5. How are KINDer campaigns chosen?
  6. How can I enroll a campaign?
  7. How does the funding work? When and how can we receive the donations through KINDer?
  8. How do we report our disbursements?
I. How do I donate?
You can support a group or a community in need in just a few clicks. Here is how:
  1. On the homepage, click "VIEW ALL" to browse all the projects that need support.
  2. On the “CAMPAIGNS” page, you may click on a KINDer campaign, read the campaign’s story to know more about how you can take part in larger initiatives that will change lives.
  3. Once you have chosen a campaign, click "DONATE".
  4. Once you have chosen a KINDer campaign. Type in the amount you wish to donate, your basic information, and credit card details. Click “DONATE”. You should be recreiving a notification that your donation was successful
II. What are the fees and charges for?
While we are working our hardest to help the KINDer campaigns move towards their goal faster, we cannot eliminate the fees charged by our platform and payment partners. Please note that the Aboitiz Foundation does not receive any amount from the fees charged by our partners.
Your donation will be subjected to a fee of approximately 6.4-7% of the amount of the donation and the campaign you are supporting will receive the amount net of said fees. By way of example, if you donate PhP 100 to your preferred KINDer campaign, such campaign will receive PhP 94.70 depending on the exchange rate for that day.
III. How can I claim tax incentives?
Should you wish to get proof of your donation and claim tax incentives, just send us the following documents and details:
  1. BIR 2303 (Certificate of Registration). . What for? This will help us:
    1. Enroll you in our customer database, and
    2. Issue an Official Receipt
  2. Signatory Details. What for? This will help us accomplish the Deed of Donation and Certificate of Donation. We need to know the following:
    1. Fullname
    2. Designation
    3. TIN of Signatory
    4. Passport details or any valid ID of Signatory
    Please be assured that we maintain strict confidence in any information that we receive and obtain.
  3. Contact Person . What for? We need to coordinate with your contact person for the 1) processing and signing of the donation documents for signature and 2) receipt of the complete set of donation documents
You may send the above details to our office at:
Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
NAC Tower, 32nd Street Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, 1634
IV. How do I get updates on the KINDer campaigns?
By providing your email address and agreeing to receive our updates, we will definitely keep in touch with you through e-newsletters. At anytime, you may click “Unsubscribe” on any of our email updates to stop receiving our e-newsletters.
You may also regularly check our Blog since we will be posting stories from the communities assisted through KINDer.
Should you want to get in touch with the project implementer of your supported KINDer campaign, we will be very willing to link them with you!
V. How are KINDer campaigns chosen?
In approving projects to be featured on KINDer, we are guided by these criteria:
  1. Established legal identity of the proposing organization;
  2. Addresses a social cause or problem:
  3. Programmatic (The project is aligned with the program pillars advocated by the Aboitiz group: education, environment, enterprise development, and other similar causes aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (i.e. Health and Well-Being);
  4. Beneficiary-focused (i.e. youth, elderly, women, indigenous peoples); and
  5. Area-Specific (i.e. there should be a defined area where project will be implemented.).
  6. Aligned with Aboitiz core values of Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, and Responsibility;
  7. Prohibited projects include projects that:
    1. are related to a political agenda;
    2. support vices;
    3. pose risks to environment; and
    4. incite subversion and violence
  8. Fund Usage must be for the procurement of goods/services for beneficiaries
  9. Other funding sources or counterpart funds must be defined
  10. KINDer, as a crowdfunding platform may only :
    1. For CSOs, raise 50% of the funds required by a specific campaign and the other 50% must be funded by the organization; and
    2. business units contributing to Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., raise up to 70% of the funds required by a specific campaign while the remaining 30% shall be funded by the counterparty.
  11. Projects must be implemented within six months;
  12. There may only be a maximum of two causes per organization; and
  13. All fund releases must be reported and liquidated by the project proponent to the Aboitiz Foundation. Failure to do so will lead to non-approval of KINDer future causes.
VI. How can I enroll a KINDer campaign?
CSOs can apply by submitting a Project Proposal with the following information:
  1. Project Rationale: Brief statement of the problems being addressed by the project;
  2. Project Description: Brief statements of how the project that addresses the problems;
  3. Project Duration: Indicate commencement date and expiry date;
  4. Project Metrics: Important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as bases for the evaluation of the project;
  5. Beneficiary Description:
    1. Who are the beneficiaries?
    2. Where are they located?
    3. Why do they need this project?
  6. Partner/Proponent description:
    1. Who is the proposing organization?
    2. Brief history of the organization?
    3. Does the organization have a legal personality? Attach a copy of the current Certificate of Registration (SEC, CDA, DOLE, etc)
    4. Composition of board and management.
    5. Existing projects being implemented and its donors/fund sources
  7. Budget
    1. What are the budget line items?
    2. Counterpart donations
    3. Please indicate the breakdown of the funds
  8. Risk Assessment: State important and imminent risks that are vital to the success or failure of the project and how these will be addressed
  9. Project Management Timeline: Important list of project activities/milestone from start to finish
  10. BIR 2303. What for? This will enable you to be enrolled as a supplier (beneficiary)
VI. How does the funding work?
  1. Upon receiving the donation, the fund will be remitted to our bank for processing. This may take approximately 15 days from remittance of the donation through KINDer. Please note, however, that this is a provisional set-up and we are facilitating a smoother, cheaper, and faster donation flow.
  2. Once our bank receives the donation, and after we ensure that the CSO behind a specific KINDer campaign has been enrolled in the Aboitiz Foundation database, we will process the release of grant, through check payment or bank transfer depending on what was stated in the contract/agreement with the relevant CSO. We will follow the payment schedule and cut-off below:
    Hard Copy of Fund Requests received by the Aboitiz Foundation on Check will be released on
    Monday Wednesday afternoon of the following week
    Wednesday (8AM - 12NN)*
    Wednesday (1PM - 5PM)* Friday afternoon of the following week
    Friday (8AM – 12NN)*
  3. For disbursements of funds, supplier (beneficiary) enrollment documents to be submitted are as follows:
    1. BIR Form 2303
    2. Sample official receipt
    3. Sample billing invoice, if applicable
    4. Copy of their certification (for PCNC certified donee institutions only)
    5. Updated AOI (if not PCNC certified)
  4. You will be notified via email once your check payment is ready for pick-up by the beneficiary.
VIII. How do we report our disbursements?
To make sure that the funds are used properly and efficiently, we will require you to submit the following documents:
  1. Completion or Terminal Report
  2. Liquidation Report with photocopies of ATP compliant Official Receipts
  3. Photos of the completed project
  4. Certificate of Existence of Project signed by any local government or local government line agency head
Your kindness is powerful

KINDer transforms us into agents of change for society by simply supporting causes that are close to our hearts.

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